To the Community of Ponsford’s Place Bakery

This letter is to let you know the status of this beloved bakery.

About 6 years ago I began my work to further my knowledge (and yours) in the realm of whole-grain baked goods. Many, many of you have shown up as regular, wonderful supporters of what we do here and it has been elating to build the clientele that we have.

As some of you know, I have been reckoning with a lifetime of physical issues with my back. It is not my favorite topic to talk about (now or ever) I much prefer talking about more interesting things. Many have shown your care and concern and I am profoundly grateful and touched by the tremendous outpouring of care from each of you. THANK YOU!!
So, what is the status of this place?
It is my plan to keep baking for you! It will not be at the regular weekly schedule I used to have although, I want to keep provide bread and pizza to my community.
I will continue to have Pop-Ups of bread days and pizza nights. Some weeks I will not be open at all. (Having some procedures done and have to rest afterword’s)
If you want to know when you can get your next Ponsford’s Place fix:
Please email me at to be added to our mailing list. And/or “like” our Ponsford’s Place Bakery Facebook page.
(The contents of the newsletter is also posted on the Facebook page.)
Allow me to reiterate my gratitude for YOU and my desire to bake for you remains the same.
Thank you, I hope that we will continue our relationship on this irregular basis.
With much love and wishes of peace for all, Craig

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117 Shaver St. San Rafael, Ca. 94901


When the BreadMan is out,  
something is fresh from the oven.
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